What Millennial Branding Is and Why Should You Really Care?

After having reached 2016, we could tell that we already are living in the age of information saturation. We are also bombarded with so many messages and images. All of the things that we want to know are at our fingertips. Almost 2/3 of us have been using Smartphones checking them 85 times a day. It is true that we are at the stage where we have reached our limits. 

What we want is only simplicity. This is seen basically in the design world wherein many different versions of logos are created. Minimalism is thought as something callous and cold. However, this should never ever be the case. A simple design should just be used correctly. This can best articulate the essential part of the message of a brand.  

Now, what do you think are the simple logo designs that emerged in 2016? 

Typography That Is UI-Friendly 

People interact with different screens than ever. That is why brands realize their logos should be scalable and look great no matter what platform users viewed on. For once, Google did take a rebrand last September. Even their logo was also modernized and turned to a sans-serif font. 

As per the Vice-President of Google explained, they have taken the best of Google. It should be made colorful, friendly, simple, and uncluttered. It is designed not only for Google of today but for the future. 


Stepped color increments now replace the conventional color gradient. The path followed is created from A to B. And from such a distance, the logo will look like the colors that flow from one color to the next. The logo design of Ombre allows for pattern and texture be introduced to the design. This best defines the edges. 

Negative Space 

Negative space has become so popular for so many years. But, it somehow fell out of favor to some. But, this trend suddenly re-emerged in 2016. The design highlighting negative space incorporates subliminal messages. What more, it creates such a balance both in the second dimension and design. The purpose of which is to communicate the message of the brand to the customer with no use of words. 


Logos are believed as a great metaphor for the brand and what it stands for. The use of linked imagery describes the brand in an ad connected and strong. The representation of the linked logo is just so extremely powerful. The power of the internet has linked us more than ever. Brands also rightly use this analogy to better strengthen logos. 


Shapes are truly powerful especially when it comes to psychology. Even audiences are more than influenced by the shapes. Rectangles and squares also bring out inner tranquillity. This is also because of their natural conformity that the society craves.  

Four corners also symbolize unity in an organization. Standalone corners best represent a house while arrows encourage movement on the part of a user. These corners are used in ways that best express unique messages from the brands. 

Line Art 

Line art adds a secondary dimension and creates a sense of motion to the logos of 2015. Technology designers just need to be careful prior to scale the designs. That way, the visible detail is not reduced. Even monocline designs make use of a single solid line in the entirety of the logo. They also appear playful in nature because they echo the childhood drawings.  


Logos that best incorporate pattern bars tend to connect with customers. These give them such a sense of control. They could have knowledge of what it is they follow. Just the same with the corner trend, the rectangular shapes of bar logos indicate a solid structure of the organization.  

Now, you have learned more about millennial branding and why the need to care for it!