5 Design Mistakes That Leave Users Disappointed

It really is not easy to design a website or an interactive interface. You will be required to analyze almost everything concerning your audience. That also ultimately includes their behavior and implements more in planning. Although new technologies make it easier to do so, still, they make the users difficult to impress. 

It is not any more impressive to users with regard to hover effects and glossy images. The same is also true when it comes to gifs or animations. Everyone is capable already of making their own in a few steps using their phones.  

So, how will you find a way to create a good experience for users? Will you be able to keep the conversions coming and make them fulfilled? All these can get just so harder if you make mistakes in the design.  

Below are the 5 design mistakes that can leave users disappointed. 

  1. Too Much Innovation

Design is truly considered a creative endeavor. Designers would often express themselves by way of their work. They continue to innovate and make sure that designs stand out from the rest of the designs. 

In regard to creating a perfect and interactive experience for users, innovation will never be the best decision to make. It is not good for a specific website or niche. Just keep in mind that users want to feel comfortable when it comes to visiting a website. They need to be familiar with the way that the website is working.  

If you have a project like the gamification method, make it sure that the user won’t walk away. There is never a need to stray too far into the world of unknown. They should know exactly what to do with it.  

  1. Puzzling Navigation

Websites would usually bring out a great experience to users. But, they tend to mess everything up because of poor navigation. There are times that users go to strange navigation places they do not want to look.  

All the weird names are replaced by the sufficient and simple names like home, about us, contact us, blog section, and more. Users will further appreciate the creativity in the simple concept of naming. It will not take a lot of their time browsing just so they could find what they need 

The design will allow them to find whatever they need simply and quickly. They will not wander about for a long time. If they do, they will just leave the site as the purpose of the design is not clear. 

  1. Sticking to White SpaceOnly

Understand that users would never want to be overwhelmed as they go to visit your website. They want a streamlined and clear experience that you need to give. Although sticking to a single color scheme of white is fine, you must think about other features, too. With too much information on a page, it will keep your readers running away. It might also look so very spammy which is not impressive to interact with and look at. 

  1. Not Trying Contrasting

Make use of contrast that can best establish visual hierarchy. This will move the attention of users to the place where you would want them to. It is not only about the colors but the shapes, sizes, and placements. All things found on a single website must be in contrast to one another. The purpose is to show the importance and value in a subtle way. 

  1. Complex Forms

Complex forms are truly a pain for a lot of people. No one would be interested to fill them out. They should never look annoying and ugly. Better to go for something stylish and simple. Stick to the first name, last name, and email. Never ask too much from them.  

Now, you already have understood more about the 5 design mistakes that can leave users disappointed!